30 Day Draw Challenge and 3 Little Pigs Update

First off, today’s draw challenge was my favorite food. I had to think about this because I love food lol but if I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be sweet and sour meatball sauce. I always make it in a large batch and eat it for about a week or so, because it’s so yum 😀

My three little pigs file disappeared when it was almost finished ;_; I know I saved it but I can’t find it anywhere. So last night I re-did it and I think this method will be better. The final will be in infographic form but right now I am doing it in “pages” and this is page 1:Image



30 Day Draw Challenge – Your Favorite Animal

30 Day Draw Challenge - Your Favorite Animal

I have a lot of animals that I find adorable and could count as my favorite but I decided to go with my nickname sake and draw a duck.

Way easier than drawing a person!

Reference: http://lh5.ggpht.com/_9a26pT7zQ04/R1lgDn4dA1I/AAAAAAAADiA/33pS3_g8WiQ/Christchurch056.jpg

30 Day draw challenge – Draw a picture of yourself!


Well there it is, based off of http://www.cosplay.com/photo/2486691/   Somehow i improved at drawing people by not drawing people, which is awesome! Still suck at it though and I am not overly happy at how this turned out, it was better than my other attempts though lol

30 Day Draw Challenge

I’ve wanted to do this since  I came across the challenge and I saw it in my image folder and decided, today is the day. It’ll probably be mixed media because I love paint and ink along with sketching! Wish me luck 🙂

Story as a Graphic

So one of my friends posted on facebook that they are doing a project where they tell a story or fairy tail through a graphic. So I got thinking about it and I came up with an idea involving the three little pigs! It’s been sketched out and the characters / houses have been created! Here is my progress so far

Fanexpo Canada – Day 1

So after last year’s kerfuffle that was Fanexpo: Linecon, I decided that this year will be the deciding factor of if I will be returning to the con in years to come. For those who don’t know about what happened last year I’ll give a quick recap:

The con was disorganised and so they oversold tickets, this became a fire hazard and anyone who left the building to eat was trapped outside the con. I saw the line outside but was not informed what it was for, I then got trapped outside for two hours waiting for them to re-open the doors. Other people were trapped outside longer. There were no refunds, discounts, etc for this, which really upset people who came specifically for events that happened during that time. Sitting in the summer sun waiting to get back into a con you already paid for and were inside of, just because you unconveniently wanted lunch? Not cool.

Anyway this year they decided to do something about the unhappy patron’s complaints:

  • They extended the con by a day so it started on Thursday.
  • Tickets were available for pickup Wednesday
  • There were seperate lines for buying passes and picking up passes, they usually had this but they were in different areas to make things easier. We literally had no line to wait in when picking up our advance passes
  • They switched back to the larger building
Anyway, this is how my day went:

  • Wore Akira Kogami cosplay, comfy and not too warm but the tights got a run and I was stuck with them. There definitely could be a worse malfunction!
  • Roads were fairly busy and the parking lot was nearly full, I was expecting a pretty long lineup because of this.
  • Arrived and found there were helpful staff everywhere, including down the street from the convention center. We got directions on where to go and signs made it easy to find where we had to be.
  • The advanced ticket line was empty, sweet!
  • I enjoy the wristbands, they make it hard for some costumes but unlike last year where they put it on us we were able to put it on ourselves. I can slide my wrist out so when I wear taskmaster tomorrow I can slide it over the gloves.
  •  It was a bit of a walk from the tickets to the con, since the north building was where you picked up tickets and the south building had the con (which meant going upstairs, across a walkway, back downstairs, further downstairs, and then keep going down until you get to the basement level). It was a little weird to have it so far away from everything else.
  • Dealers room was standard for fanexpo but interesting. It was lackluster compared to last year but it may improve for Saturday.
  • There wasn’t really much for video gaming. There was a room for tabletop gaming which is awesome, and a retro gaming room which was nostalgia, but aside from that there wasn’t a dedicated freeplay / tournament area for people to plug in controllers and play fighting games (usually there is at least Smash Bros, but we were hoping for MVC or Street Fighter). There were demos of games (Halo, CoD, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed) with large displays and a lot of “3D” stuff.
  • Found and bought a starscream toy, f-yeah!
  • Went to the Gaia panel and sort of won the balloon blowing contest, I blew up the balloon until it popped lol
  • Weird situation with staff. While leaving there were dividers that prevented you from going any direction but up the escalator. Someone must have gone farther than they  planned to and wanted to turn back. The down escalator (back in) was blocked by the dividers and so this guy slid underneath them so he could return. The security guard then yelled at him and made him go back under. This meant to go back to the con he would have to go up the escalator, then back down the other escalator and then around the base of the escalators to go back in. While I understand they are trying to maintain order, I think it would be better telling him off  rather than making him go BACK under which was the problem, and then go out of his way to return.
So far I am pretty split on if this con is good. I find it disappointing in some areas and great in others but there is still a lot of con to go. I’ll be wearing my Taskmaster costume tomorrow!

Summer BBQ

I keep cooking and never get around to posting pictures, luckily I had my phone at the bbq and was able to grab some pics before it got devoured!

Mango Shrimp Kebobs:
These were my main contribution, I saw a picture with mango shrimp kebobs and wanted some all summer. I found this recipe which includes an amazing sauce that made these super tasty. My friend who doesn’t like shrimp even had a couple since the sauce changed the flavor. I am a huge fan of mango but I found the pineapple was better than the mango on the kebob, the mango was also hard to work with and slipped around I would skip the mango and add another piece of pineapple if I were to do these again.

Blue Cheese Burgers:
My friend Josh, the bbqer, came up with these based off something he saw on TV, where they made burgers by putting blue cheese between two patties. Well he changed it up a little, he mixed blue cheese crumble in with the generic homemade burger stuff. These were delicious, although very strongly flavored – if you aren’t a fan of the cheese you won’t like the burgers.

Jello Dessert:
This was based on a triple layered chocolate pudding I saw in my Jello cookbook, but I just went in my own direction. The bottom layer is regular strawberry Jello. The next layer is strawberry Jello mixed with 2 cups of cool whip and chopped strawberries. Then I did a layer of Jello chocolate pudding, also mixed with cool whip! I topped it with a sliced strawberry, and a piece of chocolate.

How did I get star chocolate? I melted milk chocolate chips in the microwave. I stirred it up and poured it on some tinfoil (waxed paper would be better but I had none!). I let it sit in the fridge until it was cool and then I took a cookie cutter and peeled it off the tinfoil.