New “FAQs”

Added three new cosplay Frequently Asked Questions to the FAQ page

Choosing Poses for a Character?

Most people choose poses by mimicing what the character does in the show, movie, game etc. A good way to choose poses is to look up a variety of reference pictures and print off ones with poses that are interesting and easy to get into quickly. Interesting poses generally involve an action of some sort.

For example medusa (left) is standing very stiff, so it’s not very interesting. Sakura (right) is in an interesting pose so it is more interesting.

Once you decide on several poses, practise them in front of a mirror. Some poses are unflattering, they can make you or the costume look weird. So look for ones that make you look good! Another way to test poses is to get a friend to photograph you in them. Try to avoid poses that majorly block the costume, for example being all scrunched up, since the costume is usually what you want to show off. If you are doing a photoshoot with many photos being taken, then it is okay to have shots that block the costume since there will be others that don’t.

Laundry at Cons / Wearing the Same Costume Twice in a Row?

Sometimes you want to wear the same costume for more than one day at a con, but you don’t want it to be dirty or smelly, so what are some things you can do?

First, plan ahead. Before wearing the costume make sure to have a shower, use deoderant with an anti-persparent (to help prevent sweating). Wear a thin shirt underneath the costume if possible, to keep the costume off your body.. however if the costume has many layers or is very warm then you may want to go without. Carry a stain remover pen to get rid of stains that may appear throughout the day and avoid activities that may make it dirty (like walking through mud).

You will want to take the costume off at night, so if you are staying at the con then you will probably want to bring an extra pair of clothes or PJs. This allows you to let the costume air out at night. If the costume isn’t too bad then you can use a stain remover pen to remove any small stains, give the outfit a light cover of febreeze and then let it air out in front of a window. For more extensive problems, such as a very smelly or dirty costume, you can ask if the hotel has a washer and dryer available – some do. If not, you can spot wash a costume in the sink, or hand wash a costume in the tub. You can use the hairdryer provided to help speed up drying. If your costume is an absorbant material, it may take a long time to dry and would be better to spot wash.

For the next day, you will want to change anything you can, such as socks and underwear. Make sure to have another shower before wearing the costume and once again put on deoderant.

Cosplay and “The Time of the Month”

Unfortunately for us girls, we might get our period the same time as a convention. This is a general idea on what to do to avoid costume mishaps!

Unless it is one of your first, you should have a good idea of how your “time of the month” goes so you can prepare for it. If you expect it to be heavy then you may want a tampon and an absorbant pad, if it’s medium then a tampon and a panty liner, if it’s light then maybe just a good pad. . . but go with what you are comfortable with. If you don’t wear tampons, it is usually a good idea to go with a heavy flow pad, just to be safe.

Remember to bring enough for the length of the con, and carry some with you for when you walk around. Change your pad/tampon every so often, that way you can prevent leaks. Once again you should have a general idea of when it will need changing based on past experiences.

As for taking care of costumes, clean up well before putting it on. If you expect it to be messy, then you may want to carry some wipes with you in case toilet paper is not enough. Otherwise, just be cautious of your clothes. A good idea is tobring extra underwear and clothing to the con, just in case your costume does get stained.

To be comfortable, you may want to bring asprin or other medication if you tend to have cramps or think you might. It’s always good to have that stuff with you at a con anyway (con sickness). Additionally, you should plan ahead and choose costumes that are comfortable and easy to go to the washroom in, zentai suits for example may not be the best choice.


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