Coloring The Eyebrows – Watercolor Pencil Method

First off, an introduction. There are a variety of methods for coloring eyebrows or covering the eyebrows. My goal is to test out as many as possible and rate them, as well as supply a tutorial, links to other tutorials, and images of the final product. I’ll be adding them to a page on my website when I get more completed.

The first method, the watercolor pencil, I have tried out was sugguested by my friend Zahmira, who has used it before. Watercolor pencils appear to be pencil crayons, but act like paint when wet.


Left: Colored, Right: Normal.

How To:
For very light coloring, such as going from a blonde to white, or a brown to a red, you will only need a watercolor pencil and a small jar of warm water. Make sure your pencil is sharpened fully! Start by dipping the pencil tip  into the warm water and wait a couple seconds, then use the pencil lightly over your eyebrow. Try and fill in the areas of skin below the hairs, you may want to start by coloring against the hair and then with the hair. Once you reach your desired color, you can use the pencil to define the ends of the brow as necessary. Cleanup is simple, you can use a wet cottonswab or tissue to wipe the excess away.

In my case, I went from a very dark colored eyebrow to a very light one (black to blonde). The above method works, but looks weird because the dark still shows through. A couple ways to counter this are:
– Start with a white pencil and heavily cover the area with it, making sure you get near the base of the hair as well. Let dry and use a little bit of white school glue (it’ll dry clear) to protect that coat of white. When the glue dries clear you can then color as normal, the white base will lighten the eyebrow and so it won’t appear as dark.

– Coat the eyebrow in a bit of white school glue to prepare a base, smoothe it down and let dry. Once fully dry you may want to do a secondary light coat of glue. The reason we do this is because the watercolor paint sticks to the glue better than just the hair itself and this will allow you to thickly layer it so the color is more solid. Once the glue layers are dry, wet your pencil and use it to paint the eyebrow, try to get as much color on as possible. Once dry, examine and determine if it is bright enough for your wig … if the dark hairs are still showing through then do another layer of watercolor pencil. (This is the method shown in the result image)

Price Scale: Cheap.
While watercolor pencil sets are generally pricy, you can buy individual pencils for under $4.00 each, as low as $2.00. Some sets are also offered for under $30 and would be good if you plan on changing wig colors often. Because they come in a very large variety of colors you may only need to buy a couple to match your wig.

Length of time: Short (< 1/2 an hour)

Difficulty: Easy

Removal: Easy
You can wash it off with warm water and soap.

Reccomend? To Who?
Yes, I would recomend this method. I would recomend it to those:
– with thin eyebrows
– with light eyebrows
– looking for a slight color change
– looking for a very quick method

General Comments / Tips:
Since this is an easy method to wash off you will want to add some protection. I sugguest using a makeup sealing spray, since you can spray it to protect the entire face’s makeup. Also, make sure to do plucking and shaping before coloring the eyebrow … if you change the shape after your color it, your coloring may not look as good anymore.


One Comment on “Coloring The Eyebrows – Watercolor Pencil Method”

  1. Pete Parsons says:

    Nice beauty tip, have to be careful with coloring around the eyes though

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