Toronto, Yugioh and Dr. Who

Today was pretty long and eventful! I started out my morning by going to warehouse for the yugioh tournament, it sucked because it was elimination and kev and I were paired in the first round. We decided his deck was more likely to win so I gave him the match, and he won the tournament (yay!)

Next we went to Toronto, first thing I wanted to do was find my way to the rogers building, so I know where I am going for wednesday and get their quick.

Next we went to chinatown and I found fran, delicious fran! (a chocolate cookie stick coated in icing), we had ramune (a japanese soft drink, in a glass bottle) and I tried strawberry which was delicious. We had pho for lunch/dinner and it was great, I recommend the peach garden! We also checked out anime extreme while we were in the area, and kevin bought himself the three dissida characters he was missing in his collection.

Lastly, we went to 401 games and traded cards and played. I now happily have a set of gemini sparks, a crusader of endymion (which has playtested well!), a Black Brutdrago, 2x doomcaliber knights and an elemental hero absolute zero! Still looking for 2x dark bribe though.

Best part of the day? It was $10 for us both to ride the subway all day! I love the saturday daypass!

And the day ended on a sad note as I watched the final episode of David Tennant’s Dr. Who (The Tenth Doctor). I really wasn’t expecting the ending to be as sad as it was, I didn’t baww when the 9th died … I cried for this though! The 11th (Matt Stone) didn’t seem too bad for the few minutes he actually acted, so I do look forward to him … but I’m going to miss Tennant </3


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