Saber from Fate/Stay Night Armor

So I was on gaia and came across a post from someone looking for how they could make Saber’s armor from Fate/Stay Night. I made a post going over a variety of methods of armor making, which could apply to just about any costume that involves armor. I decided to share it here too since it is pretty useful and contains a variety of tutorial links, organised by method:

Starting Specific

This tutorial for samurai plate armor is made with a cut up plastic bucket, you can make your gauntlets the same way, and possibly the panels on the skirt. You would want foil, or mettalic bristol board for covering it to give it an actual metal look.

This is an armor edging tutorial. Edging creates the raised edge around certain armors, there isn’t much on the armor but there is a bit on the gauntlet.

Some Cheap and Easy Methods …

Paper mache is an option, you will want a solid base such as layed craft foam or cardboard. Then you papermache over it to give it some strength. This is one of the cheaper methods and won’t be very durable unless you do many many layers of papermache. For a nice smoothe finish you will want to cover it with gesso, bondo, spackle or another primer and sand the primed surface down. Then use a metallic spraypaint to paint it. Here is a guide to papermache basics.
cardboard and papermache shoulder armor

also there is the option of paperclay, it’s clay made from ash and is very lightweight. It works well over papermached pieces

Craft foam armor is a very popular way of making armor for cosplay. It is cheap and lightweight and looks really nice when it is done. Craft foam can be bought in small sheets for around $1.00 at craft stores, some offer bulk packages. You can also find craft foam in a variety of thicknesses depending on your needs. Some craft foam armor tutorials:

Cardboard is an option, while I do not have a cardboard armor tutorial I have a couple tutorials for certain parts of armor, it can be applied in the same way. This method is cheap, since you can get boxes for free from stores and buildings if you ask for them, if you don’t want to say it is for cosplay you can always claim you need it for storage. The challenge with this is getting the cardboard to do what you want, because cardboard isn’t very flexable – so you’ll need to do many small pieces to make up a curve shape.
Cardboard helmet tutorial
cardboard samurai armor

Going up in price …

Wonderflex is a very nice armor material. Wonderflex is a plastic that becomes bendable when you heat it up with something like a hairdryer. You can bend it to any shape you want, unbend it, and it sticks to itself. So you don’t need anything extra for the construction such as a hot glue gun that you amy need for other methods.
Wonderflex chest armor tutorial
wonderflex tutorial

Fiberglass will give you very high quality results. However this method requires you to work outside (toxic fumes) and it is more advanced than the other methods. If you think you would like to do this method, make sure to read through the tutorials so you can do it properly and safely!
Fiberglass armor creation
Fiberglass armor construction
Fiberglass over insulation foam


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