Time Challenge: Armor for Anime North

So with school ending, a fulltime job starting, a couple of side projects to finish up and general life, I just havn’t been able to work on my costume for Anime North! And what is worse … There is only 17 days left until the con. So Kevin and I have gone into costume overdrive, Our goal is to get the costumes done in time for the con.

A little over two weeks? Yeah that does seem like a decent amount of time to sew something together quick, unfortunately we wanted a challenge. Kevin is cosplaying Terra and I am cosplaying Aqua in full armor from kingdom hearts birth by sleep:

So how do we plan to do it? Well I’ve done a schedule and as long as we stick to it closely (no free time for awhile!) we should get it done in time with two days to spare! Though, those two days will probably be spent tweaking, fixing, and doing last minute finishing touches.

20 DAYS LEFT – Finished kevin’s keyblade. Mine is cut out and is being glued together.

17 DAYS LEFT – yesterday my keyblade was worked on. It has some stability issues since it wasn’t cut out of all one piece of wood (we don’t own that kind of tool!) but with a couple screws, gorrila glue, and duct tape it is holding together pretty okay. It is fairly fragile though, not like kev’s beast!

Also finished the helmet bases. We made them with craft foam and cardboard and they are held together with hot glue. We are going to wrap them in tape and paper mache them for strength. Then possibly paperclay overtop or wood filler, then comes sanding and painting.


One Comment on “Time Challenge: Armor for Anime North”

  1. ferchuzero says:

    hey please tell me how you do it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! <:) my email is ferchuzero@gmail.com please tell meee *—-*

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