My issue with the OSPCA Protesters

Protesters complain that the pets in newmarket were put down needlessly, but how many of them went and volunteered to help the sick pets at a chance of their own infection, how many donated money to give the pets the care they needed, and how many are going to fight for the lives of pets that will be put down in the months to come because nobody chooses to adopt them at various shelters.

“if all of these animals had not been in their custody, then they would not have been exposed to ring worm infection that resulted in their unnecessary pain and death”  Where were the people to adopt them before it happened? And why should the animals have unneccesary pain in crowded areas continuously when  it was decided that death would be the humane thing to do.

I don’t agree that they should have been put down, but I think many people are hardly in a place to protest when they could be using that energy to help other animals than acting out against people who care enough to actually work with the animals.   /RANT


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