Hinamori Amu (Shugo Chara) Cosplay Guide

I haven’t done a full costume guide in awhile but I think it’s a pretty useful thing to blog post about, so I decided to go through how to make Hinamori Amu from the anime Shugo Chara.

Let’s start at the top and work our way down. This character has her hair up in a sort of side-ponytail and there are a couple of ways to do this. But first lets start with those who don’t want to deal with styling their own wigs. Please note these links may become broken in time!

Amu Wig (Styled) – Cosplay Magic ($52.00)
There are also a couple ($50-69) pre-styled wigs on ebay.

For unstyled wigs
This Wig in Pink is a nice base, it has the bangs and general shape but may need to be shortened. ($32)
This wig in Pink is also nice, It might need some straightening and possibly shortened ($31)
This wig is also nice but would take some styling ($28)

The ponytail would be done easiest with a clip-on ponytail. You can either look for a pre-made one on either wig seller websites or ebay (I’d estimate about $10-20?) or you can use this tutorial to make your own.

Another route is to follow this cheaters guide to pigtails for a quick and easy side ponytail. If you aren’t going to be cutting your wig than you can pick up some extra wefts and use those instead.

Lastly, you can pull the hair up into a pigtail. If it makes the wig slightly see through you can add some pink colored felt on the underside to hide it. If your wig has the netting showing or is very see through you may need to add some wefts to the wig there are many many tutorials out there for doing so and even some for making wefts.

For those that do not want to make the clip, ebay has many search results.

However this is a really easy piece to make. Here is a paperclay tutorial for making the clip.

Additionally you cam make this clip out of any kind of clay. Sculpty can be baked in your oven and would make a strong clip, you can even bake it with a hair tie or clip connected to it so it is easy to attach. There are also many air dry clays such as paperclay, and crayola air dry clay. Another option is crayola model magic, but that tends to crack easily.

If you are not a sculpter you can try cutting a piece out of foamcore or layered craft foam (both can be found at craft stores). It can be attached to a clip easily with hot glue.

For painting, I would suggest gloss acrylic paint, or a matte paint with a spray on gloss used after for sealing and strength.

A girl’s dress shirt shouldn’t be too hard to find, I am sure you could get one for cheap at a thrift store or walmart. You could also pick one up on online stores like amazon.com or ebay.com.

However if you would like to make a dress shirt, here are some tutorials and sewing patterns:
How to Make A Dress Shirt (Tutorial)
Butterick 4457
McCalls 6076
McCalls 5138
McCalls 4079
Vogue 8496
Vogue 1033


Buying is probably the easier choice for this, since you can buy ties at thrift stores, online, and at walmart or the local mall. But here are some tutorials if you want to make it:
Quickie Tie Tutorial
Tie Tutorial
Simple Tie Tutorial


Once again, you can probably buy a blazer like this in stores but I’ll go through some patterns for those who want to make it .

McCalls 6087 (Needs Shortening)

Vogue 8333

Simplicity 2446

Armbands are pretty simple so it shouldn’t be difficult, even for a non-sewer.
1) Cut a rectangle of fabric that will wrap around your arm, then add a seam allowance (the part that will be folded in while sewing or gluing, you can add half an inch for each side.) and enough room at the top and bottom to do a nice hem.

2) Hem your edges. If you can’t sew then you can use glue in place of sewing to hold down your edges.

3) pin the two loose ends together to create your band, it should still fit over your arm while pinned. Make sure that your armband is currently inside out! This means that the bump from the hem is on the outside, and your pinning is on the outside (you will be flipping it inside-out later)

4) Sew together the pinned edges along your seam allowance. Once again you can use glue in place of sewing or fusible interfacing to attach the pieces together.

5) Trim the excess, iron flat and turn rightside out.

Another item that is easy to buy! Check accessory stores like clair’s and icing, regular stores that carry belts, or hot topic.
This tutorial explains how to make a belt, so if you want to make it yourself you can follow that, and just add grommets in afterwards, you can buy grommets at your local sewing store.

There is this great tutorial for the bag right here

I feel like a broken record at this point, since most of this costume can be bought in stores and altered to fit the outfit, but just in case you didn’t know – this skirt could be found in thrift stores, malls and online. So I’ll just share some pleated skirt tutorials:

Because the fabric of these matches the skirt, it might be better to make them both out of the same fabric.
This is a great tutorial for puffy leg warmers
but if you want something more simple, I suggest this one

Finally at the end! I don’t think I have to mention this, but you can find shoes at shoe stores and thrift stores as well as online. You just need a pair of black loafers with a square shape to the toe. Though if you don’t want to be spending money on this, you can try making shoes from scratch or make shoe covers


4 Comments on “Hinamori Amu (Shugo Chara) Cosplay Guide”

  1. Pete Parsons says:

    Interesting guide, Cosplay is a nice game

  2. gulkhan says:

    amu look so cool.her dresses are so prety

  3. bia says:

    omg cosplay is not a game wtf. anyway, cool guide, tnx

  4. Ibis! says:

    Good guide 🙂 I will try.

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