Another Sneak Peak

The tutorial page is getting rid of the 4 featured tutorials, but I am not getting rid of the idea entirely! There will be one featured tutorial that that gives a preview of a couple steps and the tutorial itself, it also has the title and gives credit to the author! These will be updated with new content every time i update the section.

Otherwise the tutorial list is mostly in the same format, however there will be some more organization done so it is easier to find tutorials. One thing I will be doing is grouping similar tutorials under one header, so anything that is “drafting a pattern” will be under that section and anything that is “making a keyblade” will be under that one, for some of the more common tutorials.

I also am phasing out the [1 ] [2 ] [ 3 ] and changing each tutorial to it’s own name, this will allow part 1 / part 2 tutorials to get more love.

and lastly, I ran the w3schools link checker to make sure all the links go somewhere, dead links were changed or removed!


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