The Start of a Food Blog

What is a food blog? It’s when someone takes the time to write about food in a blog. I love food, I enjoy cooking and ocassionally go out with friends, I have a soft spot for dessert and am on a quest to try more flavors of kitkat. I want to share my food adventures here, hopefully some recipes and reccomendations, but mostly just do more with my love of food!

So back to the thing about kitkats, I’m sure you were confused when I mentioned more flavors of kitkats since the stores pretty much only carry chocolate. But what we are missing out on is a variety of kitkat flavors that are available in Japan. My friend who is living there right now has had tried 45 flavors and counting, and while I don’t think I can catch up I want to try as many as I can since chocolate has gotten boring.

My first was a strawberry kitkat, and I have a very soft spot for strawberries so I loved it! Following that was trying vanilla, which was also delicious. However those are still fairly plain so I have started trying some more unique flavors. My most recent was “Green Tea” which was sweater than expected and was really good! I really want to try some green tea icecream now because the flavor was not what I imagined at all!

also look how cute the packaging is for these! You get two little packets in a box


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