Super excellent day today! My contract with rogers publishing is up next friday, so I was a little concerned that if they didn’t re-hire me I’d have to be on a job hunt. Lucky for me they like me here, my contract got extended until october! And then they will look at the budget to see if I can be kept on full time or not (hopefully they can keep me!)

On another note, I will hopefully be finishing my weeping angel costume tonight! Here is some progress pictures:

On a side note,  I plan to write up a cosplay related article here in a little bit as well as post pictures from fanexpo after this weekend. Are you going to fanexpo? Say hi if you see me!


Cosplay Excitement!

So I have started on my next cosplay and have gone on the adventure of finding reference pictures of dr. who’s weeping angel

Don’t blink . . .

And now  I am really excited! I feel like this is going to turn out amazing, be amazing and will be fun to make and I will probably get it done in a short amount of time if I work hard 🙂 And to top if off, I decided to cosplay another simple-ish costume for the sunday of fanexpo. I want to dress as flying pikachu, hopefully with a friend dressed as surfing pikachu, and if we are realllly lucky then we will convince someone to go as birthday pikachu ( _______’s pikachu)

Too cool for the ground