Dark Magician Girl Staff Guide

So I re-made my dark magician girl staff. I used similar methods but just took more time overall đŸ™‚

The original Staff:

And version 2:

How I made It

The staff’s head is made with pink insulation foam board bought at home depot. This is true for both the old and the new version, except for the new version I cut two pieces and glued them together with white school glue (PVA glue). I then sanded down the entire head of the staff so it was smooth. I drew on and cut the indents with an exactoknife and then sanded in there so it was also smoothe. I used paperclay to fill in any holes where the pieces were bonded and sanded that down. The whole thing was primed and painted.

The first stick was made from a wooden dowell, this one is a PVC pipe from a halloween prop that was cut to size. The bottom raised area is made with paperclay that was built up and then the raised circles were added after. The clay was sanded and then the entire piece was painted with acrilic paints.

The bottom ball is a styrofoam ball which was primed and then painted over several times.

I attached the pipe into both areas by cutting a hole that was the size of the pipe. Then I used hot glue to attach both pieces of foam to the pipe. Be wary, high temperature hot glue will melt foam and can cause toxic fumes from the melting foam. Do this in a ventilated area, and of course use a lower heat glue gun or glue the stick and let cool before placing in the foam.

I then touched up the paint and cut off excess glue đŸ˜€


One Comment on “Dark Magician Girl Staff Guide”

  1. Pete Parsons says:

    Nice info on the staff guide

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