Art and Mjolnir Side Project!

So lots has been going on lately. I finally got up! I’ve gotten a bunch of cosplay help emails which is nice to see, and while the traffic is lower than darkelements, it’s getting around 50 individual views a day which is pretty good! Woot!

I recently moved into my boyfriend’s house and now that I am settled in I can start working on stuff again. This week has been pretty busy with projects. I finally got a canvas to paint the picture I have had stuck in my head on. I wasn’t sure how the gradient would turn out since I was using gold with a matte red but I am really happy with the result.

I also am doing a prop for my friend, he and his girlfriend are Thor fans and so I am making him a Mjolnir. I’ll post how I made it when I finish everything but here is an in-progress picture of where I am right now:

You can also see the tip of Kev’s sword. He is cosplaying butz/bartz from FF5 and is making the red sword (brave blade? Not entirely sure). I’ll throw some pics of it up when we get further along!


Working Hard >> New Layout Sneak Peak

I’m working hard on the new cosplay tutorial list, I’m near the end of the current list and then I have to get up to date with  @_@! It’s going to take a bit but once I have all the links gathered I can publish the site and people can visit the revised dark elements 😀 I’m excited! Once it’s up I will start building the database and move the tutorials over to that, which will hopefully (in time) allow for a search to be added. At the very least it will make it a lot easier for me to add new tutorials, it will keep them better organised, and make it easier to view them.

Here are some sneak peak screenshots, as you can see a lot of the site is completed! It’s mostly the tutorial list that is taking up my time 😛