Art and Mjolnir Side Project!

So lots has been going on lately. I finally got up! I’ve gotten a bunch of cosplay help emails which is nice to see, and while the traffic is lower than darkelements, it’s getting around 50 individual views a day which is pretty good! Woot!

I recently moved into my boyfriend’s house and now that I am settled in I can start working on stuff again. This week has been pretty busy with projects. I finally got a canvas to paint the picture I have had stuck in my head on. I wasn’t sure how the gradient would turn out since I was using gold with a matte red but I am really happy with the result.

I also am doing a prop for my friend, he and his girlfriend are Thor fans and so I am making him a Mjolnir. I’ll post how I made it when I finish everything but here is an in-progress picture of where I am right now:

You can also see the tip of Kev’s sword. He is cosplaying butz/bartz from FF5 and is making the red sword (brave blade? Not entirely sure). I’ll throw some pics of it up when we get further along!


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