Posing Template

I saw this originally as a cosplay meme on 4chan. I thought it would be a great way to practice some poses before a convention and photoshoot, and really see what looks best ! So I decided to make my own version for posing practice. Posing is an important part of cosplay because a good pose can make a costume look so much better!

What you need:
– A camera
– A friend or a mirror
– images of the character for reference and posing ideas
– A cosplay costume*

* While posing out of cosplay is fine, if you are in cosplay you can see what looks best for that specific outfit. Your face might look great, but the costume might sit weird!

How it works:
Simple! Check out the sheet below and do a pose for every section. Have your friend take a picture or take a picture in the mirror. Then compare the poses and see which works best for the character, and which you look best in. Get feedback from other friends too!

Did you try this out? I’d love examples to share when I post this to cosplaytutorial.com. If you are willing to share your own, please post a link to the image in the comments or email it to admin@cosplaytutorial.com!


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