Summer BBQ

I keep cooking and never get around to posting pictures, luckily I had my phone at the bbq and was able to grab some pics before it got devoured!

Mango Shrimp Kebobs:
These were my main contribution, I saw a picture with mango shrimp kebobs and wanted some all summer. I found this recipe which includes an amazing sauce that made these super tasty. My friend who doesn’t like shrimp even had a couple since the sauce changed the flavor. I am a huge fan of mango but I found the pineapple was better than the mango on the kebob, the mango was also hard to work with and slipped around I would skip the mango and add another piece of pineapple if I were to do these again.

Blue Cheese Burgers:
My friend Josh, the bbqer, came up with these based off something he saw on TV, where they made burgers by putting blue cheese between two patties. Well he changed it up a little, he mixed blue cheese crumble in with the generic homemade burger stuff. These were delicious, although very strongly flavored – if you aren’t a fan of the cheese you won’t like the burgers.

Jello Dessert:
This was based on a triple layered chocolate pudding I saw in my Jello cookbook, but I just went in my own direction. The bottom layer is regular strawberry Jello. The next layer is strawberry Jello mixed with 2 cups of cool whip and chopped strawberries. Then I did a layer of Jello chocolate pudding, also mixed with cool whip! I topped it with a sliced strawberry, and a piece of chocolate.

How did I get star chocolate? I melted milk chocolate chips in the microwave. I stirred it up and poured it on some tinfoil (waxed paper would be better but I had none!). I let it sit in the fridge until it was cool and then I took a cookie cutter and peeled it off the tinfoil.


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