Blog – 2009 / 2008

November 3rd 2009

It’s been a long time since I made a something random comic, like over two years lol! But I thought of this today. Kev and I were walking and a cold wind blew, so I asked him to grow muscles and punch it. However he just rofled instead of attempting to do so

November 2nd 2009

Today I went through the tutorials page and fixed any broken links. I tried to find replacements for as many as possible, but there were quite a few geocities sites that no longer worked and couldn’t find replacements for them all, but I have quite a few new tutorials to add during the next update! Also, thanks to everyone who voted in the poll and I encourage anyone who would like to see more tutorials that relates to them to vote in it too: Speaking of tutorials, when i get a chance I am going to re-write the eyebrows tutorial (which I have taken down for now) and the new version will include a bunch of different eyebrow covering/coloring methods. That way you can see which ones are best and judge which is right for you. Personally, I’m really looking forward to the results because I see the acrylic paint method mentioned a lot and have never tried it myself. If you have any sugguestions for tutorials, or have anything you would like to see on the site, then feel free to contact me using the contact page or the rate & comment page! On other news, I thought this was a pretty cool costume prop, it’s the ghostbusters pack that has many working lights and lasers!

October 28th 2009

Found a problem, the “contact me” links on all the pages of my site were linking to the “how to start a cosplay” page! It’s been fixed throughout the site … now you can let me know if you come across any other issues lol

October 12th 2009

I am thinking about upgrading to a wordpress blog, since I really want an easy to implement comment system, and it is easier to use it for posting anyway. When will that come? Probably not for awhile, I might just wait until the new year so i can archive these entries. I updated the cosplay tutorials page today! Changes include:

  • An updates list (so you can see all the updates to that page!)
  • A poll (it may become a twitter feed in the future, but right now, feedback plz)
  • New sections, especially the seperation of clothes and accessories into: sewing and clothes as one, accessories as another.

October 8th 2009

According to The Top 10 Signs You’re a Twitter Addict I am not too much of one, yet anyway lol. But I do post often, especially on Cosplay Tutorial which has been fairly successful and has reached over 50 followers! It’s motivated me to post on my regular account more often lol.

October 4th 2009

Went to nuit blanche last night! It was pretty awesome, I didn’t get to stay too late because I had work in the morning but I saw some of the exhibits around the eatons center. Super downfall: I get to toronto and then find out my battery is dead. I was hoping to get some nice shots with my new camera but apparently fate was against me for photos, I grabbed some cameraphone pics and I can’t upload any of them because the phone does not have a memory card slot nor a usb port. Sucks! Speaking of photos… I tested out my camera by doing a cute (and a bit creepy) photoshoot of a clown doll I have. This is the result:

September 22nd 2009

Added a “Links” Page to the site, now you can link me on your websites and check out sites I’m linking to. If you are linking to me and would like a link back, feel free to contact me and we can switch links :)!

September 21st 2009

Did a personality test for class today, I’m an INTP which is pretty true … I am a very structured and introverted thinker.

INTP – “Architect”. Greatest precision in thought and language. Can readily discern contradictions and inconsistencies. The world exists primarily to be understood. 3.3% of total population.

Free Jung Personality Test (similar to Myers-Briggs/MBTI)

September 17th 2009

Spiffy science done with sound waves, the vibrations cause the powder to move into pretty patterns. I sugguest turning down your volume before watching, the sound can get a bit irritating

September 11th 2009

If you are reading this then you are viewig my site’s newest layout. It’s not finished yet but it should be by the end of the week (if not sooner). I’ve been working on a bunch of things, some you probably have noticed already. Lets check out what’s new, what is coming and what’s gone. What’s New

  • Photos now has drop down options, and the fanexpo 2009 pictures have been added!
  • “What is Cosplay” has been added to the cosplay section, in case someone doesn’t know!
  • The FAQs were entirely updated, with several new questions and answers (thanks to i pervert for the ideas!)
  • “Starting a cosplay” and “cosplay on a budget” were moved to the tutorials section, it just makes sense
  • I wrote a tutorial on making shoecovers, which I have been meaning to do for awhile
  • New tutorials were added to the list of tutorials
  • You can now get to my deviantart,, gaia account or my twitter (cosplaytutorial) by using the links on top of the page!

What’s Coming

  • The front page ( is getting a makeover with a different look,and will have a little preview of what each section offers
  • My latest costume, Valentine from guilty gear 2: overture, will have a page of pictures up
  • A questbook will be added under the contact section, in case you just want to leave a note instead of an email. Polls may also be added to this section 😀
  • Links In / Out might be added
  • The wig detangling tutorials will be updated
  • Hopefully I will be able to add a bunch of new cosplay tutorials!

What’s Gone?

  • The 2007 blogs were deleted, they were old, pretty pointless, and there wans’t many posts there anyway
  • The guide to choosing a cosplay was taken down, it wasn’t viewed often and only helped with narrowing down choices
  • a lot of the older tutorials were taken down, i’ll either re-vamp them or ditch them altogether
  • my art was taken off the site, I havn’t updated it in awhile and i think the bigger stuff should just fall under projects

August 16th 2009

Working Hard! I have 13 more days to finish my entire cosplay, but I am moving at a good pace and I am pretty happy with the progress. I’ll feel alot better when I finish the skirt, which is set to be done over wednesday, thursday and friday if I need the third day. Unfortunately, nothing is 100% complete but that is because they rely on something else. .. or in the case of the vest i’m having problems with the needle breaking. Here are some pictures!

The tops of the leggings

The lovely hat, in progress

and the bottom of one of the hat’s drooping parts

In other news, I started a twitter page for cosplay tutorials! Every day I will update it with one new tutorial, most of which aren’t already listed on this page (but will make their way here later). Feel free to follow the account, or if you aren’t on twitter you can check out the page every so often to see what is new! You can find CosplayTutorial located here

August 5th 2009

Counting down the days until my birthday! 3 more to go 😛 Make sure to send me a happy birthday! I’ve gotten a little more progress done on my valentine costume, the vest has been fully cut out and sewn togehter. I just need to make some adjustments (For some reason medium was far larger than I expected) and add in the bra cups. I also finished the cute little bows for the leggings which is my project for later. Pics might be up later 🙂 I’ve been working on alot of graphics, namely vectors, for yugioh mat designs. If you want to check them out they are here. If you are interested in buying one of my designs I sell the files for you to get them printed yourself, or the fully printed mat. Use the contact me form for details! And I leave you with yet another youtube video, this one just makes me laugh and the song is very catchy //

July 26th 2009

I found some fun tools with freewebs, one for comments and one for ratings. So I set up a rating on the tutorials page! Feel free to rate it, if I find I am getting low ratings I will open up a feedback section for it so you can all let me know what you are looking for. I am also thinking about adding comments to this blog, and would like your opinions: Should I have a comments section at the end of every entry, or should I have one large comment section at the current entry? The benefit of the large comment section is that it is right on top and you can comment on anything and it will be easier to view and respond to, but traditionally most sites have a comment section at the end of each blog post

I decided to leave it at the top for now!

July 25th 2009

After two days of work I finished my vector of Dark Magician Girl! You can check it out on my deviantart

July 22nd 2009

This update was long overdue, I added Lolita Skirt and Trashy Fashion to the Projects page. I had the links there for awhile but they were broken, so now they work and link to pages that exist 😉

This video is adorable! Though the end is a little weird.


July 21th 2009

I noticed that my last pdate of the tutorial list messed up some of the links (oops!) so those will be fixed sometime soon, and a couple new links will be added (hopefully!<) The page has been fixed and new entries are now marked with It also mentions an easy way to find stuff on the page!l

In other news, we picked up kev’s new yugioh mat the other day, and the design turned out amazing! Hopefully it will lead me to getting some customers for my new mat designing mini-business. I’ve officially sold one mat, to rob, and i’ve made a couple others so I have some nice samples … now I just have to find more customers. Anyway here is a pic of the mat:

I’ve also have started my cosplay for Fanexpo. Unfortunately I won’t be wearing tira, I just won’t have lost the pounds to feel comfortable in something so revealing ^^;; so I am going with Valentine from Guilty Gear 2: Overture. Her hat is the same type (yay!) and I’ve already gotten started. I have the fabric for a good amount fot he costume and I started on the bones and skull for her hat. The skull was made of super sculpty, painted with acrylics and attaches to the hat with safety pins that were baked into the back

… and this is just lulz 🙂

July 7th 2009

I got this comment on my gaia profile today, I’m happy I could help someone out!

Ryuu_Keiji: “I went on your site and I used you Heavy Wig Detangling tutorial and It worked amazingly!!! My wig looks brand new!! (and its at least six years old).”

In other news I was cleaning my inbox and have quite a few responses to cosplay questions, so I figured I would put them up here in case anyone else was interested!

#1 For my cosplay, I’m hoping to be Kureha Touka from Shining Wind.reference.
Most of the costume, I think I should be able to handle, but the sleeves. They are daunting. Do you have any idea how I could make the sleeves? I mean, I was thinking of making the bell-shaped sleeve with ruffled edges, but that’s not exactly how they look.
Ooh, and also, I was thinking about making that bow. Do you have any ideas about what I should make it out of?

Thank you!

Sleeves are pretty easy to make without a patten. If you trace your arm on some material and then pin along the edge of the line you drew then you pretty much have a sleeve that stays on just your arm. Put your arm into the sleeve and if it doesn’t fit just move the pins back a little bit so your arm can fit in the sleeve comfortably. Then you can pretty much draw any pattern you want for the part where your hand is. Then sew up the sides, turn it inside out, hem it, add details and you are finished. I can make you a quick tutorial later on today if you need one :3

Ummm this is one of the sleeves I have made, it isn’t anything too fancy but it gives you an idea



on my arm


inside, seams and hem


as for the bow… you will need interfacing to make sure it stand up like that. the thick fusable interfacing workds best. You could also use some thin wire to make it stand up. The actueal material you can use just about anything. If you want something without a shine to it go for something cotton. Or you could choose silk which is more japanese-traditional obi style, plus it has a nice shine but can be expensive.

#2 I’m making a Panda mask (aka Genma Saotome) from Ranma 1/2 I was wondering if you had an suggestions about that because I want it to be as animish as possible.

Hmm well I would start with a human mask base and build it out with foam, clay or papermache, to look like a panda mask. Then get some fake fur and glue the pieces to the mask, you can trim the hair down if you need it to be shorter. Then colour the fur with a sharpie for the black spots and let it dry :3

#3 I suppose my question to you is…How would I go about making a costume? I don’t want to seem like a complete wannabe at this. I’d like to make the outfit convincing. Would I have to make my own patterns? Or would it be best to do the best I can and see what I can find already made and just buy that and put things together?

There are different ways to go about getting a costume and it all depends on your sewing skills. Sites like cosplaymagic sell pre-made costumes so that if you are completely unable to sew you can still dress up. Then there is for the minimal sewer, if you can only do a bit here and there it is usually best to go to a thrift store and a bunch of clothing stores to find something close to what you need and make little alterations.

If you are a pretty good sewer then patterns are the reccommended thing for making your own. Using patterns and making slight changes to them can be the basis for most cosplays. If you are REALLY good at sewing and cam make stuff without patterns or make your own go for it! You just want to look at alot of reference pictures and choose which methods would be best. Mixing and matching is good too … you make a hat from scratch, use a pattern for a skirt and then buy a shirt and alter it to make a complete outfit.

as for advice:

– lots of reference pictures. Search for other people’s cosplays, fanart, game art, artbook art and any other image of the character you can use for reference. You want to see everything about the character’s outfit so you can make your version similar as possible

– if the character you choose has hair different from yours, it is always a good idea to get a wig. A good wig can make the costume

– always plan ahead of time. Even simple costumes take some time and you don’t want to be rushing last minute

– props can be just as important as the costume

– make sure to bring safety pins with you to the con, you never know what little rips could happen

#4 I was wondering about AutoMail.
I am being Edward Elric for Halloween, and a huge problem I ran into was his right arm and left leg.

I stopped and began to wonder.
“How am I going to make my right arm?”

I was wondering if you could answer that question.

Well since you actueally have an arm you are going to have to build on it. You can make something that fits over the arm or pieces that attach to an arm sock/glove (allows for more movability but is less solid)

The cheapest method would be using cardboard/papermache but if you are willing to put in the cash getting wonderflex would be the best option. Wonderflex is a plastic that can be cut and shaped when you heat it up with a blowdryer and can make some amazing props. You might also use foam to allow for bending and stuff in certain areas.

The method I would use is having a glove (nothing fancy) and building off that. Put it on the arm you plan to build on and use tape to build a prototype. A prototype can be made of cardboard or bristol board because it is just about getting the right shape and sizes. Cut strips and tape them together and to the glove to build the general shape of the automail. Make sure you don’t connect the pieces that ar at the joints of your fingers…your fingers should be able to bend!

Once the prototype is done you can use it as a guide for your finished product. Take it off and cut it so that you have different pieces that will attach together to make the final product. Trace these pieces out on cardboard/wonderflex/foam or whatever you are using to build the arm. Cut them, shape them, connect them together and keep trying them on to make sure it works. Attach everything to the glove so that the automail will stay on. Spraypaint the whole thing and paint in the little details to finish it off.

#5 I need help on this, I have no clue on how I should do the bolt through the head. I’ll be wearing a wig so I suppose I could use that to hide however I’m going to do this.

You just want help attaching it? Okay well

1) Headband, either one that matches the wig, or one that you can wear under the wig. If you wear it udner the wig then you use find one of the spaces between wefts and attach the piece of screw to the headband through the hole

2) Hot glue, if you don’t plan to wear the wig again you can hot glue it right there

3) magnets. They need to be strong but one under the wig and one on the bottom of the screw pieces. It would be easy to take off / put on

4) Pins, if you can safety pin the bolt to the wig then that is a possiblitiy.

5) Clips, if you can attach the bolt to a hair clip then you can just clip it on the wig.

June 27th 2009

Even more tutorials are being added today 🙂

Whew that is quite alot of new links to add in! Though all these tutorials remind me I have to grab my sculpty from Christon so I can start making some of my Tira costume. I am still working hard to drop some pounds and attempt at showing off some abs in the costume. Fingers crossed!!!! I’ve really been working hard, exercising daily and completely changing my eating habits. (luckily I love salad!) I still have 2 months so I hoping for the best~

I’ve started to do some more graphics this summer, i did these three today which I feel proud of 🙂

June 13th 2009

Added some new tutorials

Link – step by step

Make a Hoopskirt

Zelda Dress Tutorial

June 12th 2009

The Sherlock Holmes Trailer got me excited for the movie. It looks good, it has some comedic parts and I adore Robert Downey Jr.! I hope it turns out to be a really good movie, but even if it doesn’t I have a feeling I will enjoy it. The proposal also looks interesting, as does pontypool and shutter island.

June 11th 2009

Got a laugh out of this!


June 10th 2009

Found a neat site today. The Scribbler allows you to doodle a picture and then it scribbles over it adding detail, it produces some really neat (and sometimes creepy) effects.

Check it out
I updated the tutorials page with a couple of new tutorials!

I have some more tutorials in my favorites and will probably end up adding them this week. I also got rid of one of the tutorials that went down (moving jaws and animatronix)

May 18th 2009

I recently joined twitter, it will probably be updated more than my blog so if you are interested in following me, check it out here

Twitter has been okay so far, I like having a place to post my status when I feel like it without annoying facebook friends with constant updates 🙂 but other than that I find the site to be overrated. As others have said, it is a site for stalkers, why else would you want every tidbit of someone’s day? lol but in seriousness it doesn’t live up to the hype, there are just more people on facebook and I find facebook, while offering the same status update feature as twitter, just gives so much more. Facebook allows you to write journals, post pictures, tag friends, invite people to parties and generally be social. While twitter gives you 140 characters to quickly inform others that you are “twittering and are obviously bored.” (hey look 110 characters are left after that, I can explain my breakfast!). Though I don’t have too much hate for twitter, it is fun to feel like people care about your 5 second post, and the create your own layout / choose a layout feature is always welcome. I think that twitter can become a really nice place if given enough time.

On the costume front, I have made some real progress! I am at 90% needing only to finish the mask now, and kevin is at 65/70% needing alot of little pieces, the mask (he didn’t like the last one’s shape), and the wings. With 4 days left there is alot to do, but I think we can do it!

May 13th 2009

I’ve been finishing up the layout change for the site, hopefully the entire site will be changed over to the new layout either today or tomorrow. I have plans to add a couple new tutorials this summer, one I have already taken pictures for is a stenciling tutorial for painting on fabric. I also would like to do detached sleeves and ruffles.

Update: The site layout change is complete

On the anime north front, I am almost 100% complete the bodysuit, I have a couple of touches here and there but it should be complete tomorrow if I work hard at it. We also bought some feathers and stuff for kev’s wings. If you see either of us at anime north feel free to say hi 🙂

I favourited this awhile ago but never mentioned it. This tutorial gave me a couple laughs, I found it while looking for tutorials for the tutorial list. I just wish it was more clear on how to get from point A to point B, I think the author skipped a few steps lol!

Tobi Mask Tutorial

May 12th 2009

Hello visitors, good news! I have added quite a few more tutorials to the Tutorial List and will probably be giving this site a much needed makeover sometime soon (i mean come on, the links are all messy!)

April 11th 2009

Oh site, how I have neglected you. I’ve been pretty busy with school so now that I have time i’ll get this up to speed. – my web portfolio is spiffy and up to date. If you want to check out my web, graphic design, or flash work then feel free to poke around the site.

I entered a fashion show this past week. We had to create an accessory or outfit out of trash items. I didn’t win, the winner was a girl who made a bathing suit out of pop can tabs, but I had a lot of fun and made some friends! It was funny because almost none of the entrants were actueally in a fashion program, most ere in media, animation or film and TV. If you want to check out my outfit in full view, the image below links to my Deviant art.

If you noticed, the navigation system is changing over to a dropdown menu. I am hoping this fully changes over in the next couple of weeks, but this depends on m schedual. If anything it will definately be changed by the time school finishes (and possibly there will be a new layout too)

And lastly, I finished my Bulma costume if you haven’t seen it in the complete section already. There are some pretty spiffy pictures there thanks to kevin!

February 27th 2009

The List section has been added *officially* so you can now see a giant list of tutorials all over the internet. Have a tutorial you want to add? Use the Contact Me Form!

I also have a costume update! The bulma costume is at the 60% mark and will be done by the end of the week if all goes well.

and just one more update, I did another banner that turned out pretty nice. It was for a clan’s messageboard.

February 27th 2009

I have re-created my account, simply because I don’t go by “Feint” on any cosplaying site and people just know me as Duckie now. So if you are looking for anything new of mine you wil be anle to see it under PurpleDuckie! Speaking of new stuff….

February 24th 2009

So today I hop on /cgl/ and while scrolling through the page … I see myself! Well that was a shock since I never pop up on 4chan, and then i get a good laugh. Apparently it was “me” who posted it, which is silly because I did no such thing. I cleared my name in a post, or so I hope, but regardless I got some laughs

February 22nd 2009

Today i attended Con-G, a new convention in guelph ontario. Kevin really wanted to go to it for some reason so I agreed and he ended up being bored, while I had a great time … though i was only there a short while.

I went to two panels, one was photography for cosplayers and the other was con photography for photographers. Both were very interesting panels because I really don’t know too much about photography and I picked up some tips to really help with my posing and my pictures. I am also rethinking the wetlook vinyl I wanted to use for lady devimon … I plan to take a photo and see how it reacts to the flash. If it is as bad as I fear it might be then i’ll stick to a matte pleather like we are using for kev’s beelzemon.

The con itself was really good for it’s first run, definately a refreshing con after DotCon’s disorganisation. Con-G was $20 for a day pass, $25 for a weekend which was very reasonable (i know some of you have spent more going to a 3 hour movie!) We got a schedual right away, which was in a small booklet form which fit in my pocket! The rooms were very clearly labled as per what was in them (events, artist alley, dealers room, panels) and so even though i have never been there before it was easy to find our way around. The crowd was small, but it was a very tame con which I enjoyed. The dealers room and artist alley were also small but that didn’t bother me, I still found stuff I wanted to buy! The only thing that really went “wrong” was they didn’t have any badge holders when we got our badges… whch really wasn’t a problem at all and I was happy to keep it in a pocket.

So what did I dress up as? Myself! Unfortunately after spending a whole day fixing up my dark magician girl costume (and night until 4am) I couldn’t find my wig cap and had to cancel that plan. However, I did get the pleasure of wearing my new lolita skirt to the con which was quite fun.

This reading week I also completed beelzemon’s second gun!

and I found an awesome picture of Rozalin *cough*me*cough* playing yugioh … proving that even demon princesses enjoy card games!

February 17th 2009

Rejoice! This week is reading week which is great because I really want to get caught up on alot of stuff. I have costumes to fix, costumes to make, a skirt to finish, some touching up here on DarkElements and some mobile sites from a class assignment. Even though I have so much stuff to do it is still relaxing to have all this time to do it!

I’ve also been making some banners for gaia gold, or just for personal fun. It’s been great since I havn’t made banners for anything random in awhile, here are a couple of my faves:

February 5th 2009

Found this neat quiz and thought someone else would like to try it out

You are .cgi Your life seems a bit too scripted, and sometimes you are exploited.  Still a  workhorse though.

Which File Extension are You?

I also found this video, which will make you cry! D:


February 2nd 2009

I’ve been pretty busy these past weeks, school has started again and Anime North is just around the corner. (okay 3 months, but that isn’t a lot of time!) So what do I have to show you guys?

I added some more FAQs, including:

There are multiple outfits on a pattern package, what does this mean?

Where can I buy a cosplay?

How much do cosplays usually cost?

I have also been doing some pretty cool prop making. Kevin is going to Anime North as Beelzemon Blast Mode and it required this massive gun. It isn’t finished yet but it is worth taking a look at!

January 19th 2009

Some interesting bookmarks for you to check out, All related to costuming of course!
Portal Gun

My Dumb Projects – an amazing prop blog

A character list of female anime characters that wear glasses

Anime Bangs on a wig Tutorial

Anime Character Database – Search for characters by hair colour/eyecolor/gender etc a wig site another wig site

January 17th 2009

Not much of an update being done, I started school again and have been planning cosplay projects so I have little to no time to do anything! I do however have a recent photo of my that I think is rather cute so I am going to show it off lol!

January 3rd 2009

And thus begins the blogs for ’09!


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