Vintage Photo – Photoshop

My goal is that every day I try to have a blog post, and have given each day a theme. Today is tuesday and this has been dubbed my photoshop day. So hopefully every tuesday this will be updated with something done in either photoshop or illustrator, or another image program.

I decided I was going to try and imitate a vintage photo for today! I have a porcelain doll that is apparently from germany and it has a very old look about her, so I set her up and took some quick shots to be used. I’ll add them here if you want to use some of them:

After I had my shots I looked up some vintage photos to be used as a reference. Some common themes I found:
– Black and white
– Yellow tinge
– Little bit blurry
– Grainy
– White areas aren’t very detailed (blown out)
– Sometimes damaged (creases and folds, white spots)
– Some of my mom’s photos have a white border to them, and are square or weirdly sized.

Then I played around in photoshop, imitating my references and this was the result:

For those who want a general idea of how I did this, using photoshop CS4
– I created a new adjustment layer for Hue/Saturation and dragged the saturation bar so that the photo was black and white
– I created a new layer overtop and set it to “soft light” and colored in the background black with a soft round brush, this darkened the background
– I created a new layer and flood filled it with black. Then I went filer > noise > add noise and dragged it to 400%. This layer was set to darken and an opacity of 3%
– The next layer was a white overlay set to 34%, this helped blow out the white areas.
– I created another overlay layer and colored over the shadows with a black soft round brush.
– I created an overlay layer and a color layer with the yellow color
– and lastly I added the white damage. I created a new layer and colored it entirely white. Then I used the rough round bristle brush as my eraser and erased the majority of the white, leaving some scratches.

Everything I used was default with the program, and overall it only took a couple minutes.