Random Protip

When working with sticky back velcro you can’t exactly sew it on with a sewing machine because it will get the needle all messy and ultimately be very ineffective ┬ásince the needle stops going in so well after the first two throughs. But sticky back veclro sucks for some fabrics and often times I experienced it pulling itself off when trying to open it, causing me to quit it all together until recently when I had no other choice. (It was the only velcro around!)

So i tried ironing it, I don’t know why but it was a crazy idea I had – that worked! I ironed it on the other side of the fabric on a higher heat setting. I let it go until it was less sticky and you could easily peel off the veclro (but don’t take it off!) and then I set a small heavy box on top and left it until it dried. It now has a very strong bond and can withstand being ripped.